Packaging plays a vital role in brand positioning.

Brands must ensure that their market positioning is consistent with the image they convey at the points of sale.
At Igamo we are aware of this reality and therefore work alongside our customers to achieve their goals:

  • Food safety and protection.

  • Connect to the final customer's expectations.

  • Results-oriented design.

  • Optimum printing quality.

  • Maximum integration with the supply chain.

At Igamo we design, develop and manufacture packaging solutions for multiple food sub-sectors, in accordance with their individual characteristics and needs:

  • Bread and cake products.

  • Coffee, tea, cocoa and spices.

  • Chocolates and confectionery.

  • Fish and preserves.

  • Dairy products and derivatives.

  • Pasta, cereals and derivatives.

  • Alcohol.

  • Meat and poultry products.

  • Ready meals.

  • Fruit and vegetables.

  • Others.

At Igamo we help you identify improvements in your packaging solutions.

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