Our mission for over 30 years has been to use continuous improvement to help our customers market their products, maximising performance, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our values

Betterment | Honesty |
Reliability | Commitment

Relationship with our customers

At Igamo work with you to improve your results: increasing sales, reducing costs and helping you to adapt your business to market changes.

We are involved in the whole process, contributing our knowledge right from the initial idea. We provide advice on designing and developing the solution, understanding the way packaging behaves in production processes and at the point of sale.

Innovative spirit

We strive to meet our customers new needs through innovation. Innovation also allows us to improve our processes and our competitiveness. We do this by working alongside leading Technology Centres.

Commitment to 4.0

  • Augmented Reality and Big Data in die cutters to increase productivity and provide predictive tool maintenance.

  • Reading of creases in whole sheets to ensure their quality.

Quality and sustainability

Igamo's main goals include quality assurance and care for the environment.

Quality measurement

Quality certificates

Sustainability certificates

We are a team of more than 80 versatile people, all highly qualified and committed to a single goal: to help you grow your business by improving your marketing process.