Types of formats

Common cartons

Suitable for automatic cartoning at the customers premises.

Ideal for short series and manual cartoning.

Designed for automatic cartoning with gluing process.


Easy manual shaping format.


Solutions for integration with the product.

Commonly used in dairy products, preserves and ready meals.

Suitable for automatic customer cartoning.


Solutions for vacuum-packed and flat products.

Sometimes they include a window to show the food.

Manual or automatic cartoning.


Solutions to wrap the product, showing both the content and the brand image through the packaging design.

Manual or automatic cartoning.

Chocolate Box Type

Base and cover assemblies.

Commonly used in confectionery, cake making and cocoa- and chocolate-based products.

Forming in cartoning machine.


Multiple packaging which in turn acts as a product display at the point of sale.

Manual Cartoning.


Product presentation tray.

Cartoning in machine or manually.

Types of openings


  • Flaps

  • Easy-open

  • Hinge

  • Open cover

  • Secure fasteners

  • Tamper-proof

  • Blower-type


Windows and hangers

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